Saturday, May 3, 2008


My baby needs a dental in the worst way and I love him enough to spend the money, but I'm having trouble digesting the estimate I received from the vet this morning: low end, $577 - high end, $714. I was expecting about $300-400. Can you say sticker shock? I'm waiting for Double D to come home because I don't want to call him and stress him out while he's working. I had wanted to do a little shopping today, but my heart is not in it now. If I didn't adore the little creature so much or I didn't understand how important dentals are, I could just say "Oh, well. Sorry fella!" But, I can't. Added to all the financial stress is the worry over his heart murmur, which is why the bill is so high to start with. We need chest x-rays and extensive blood panels to be best prepared. Well, off to think some more. Actually, I think shopping just might provide some good therapy, so off I go!

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