Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fennec Fox

Kitten sneaking up on a Fennec Fox. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?
From Wikipedia: The Fennec Fox is considered the only species of fox which can properly be kept as a pet. Although it cannot be considered domesticated, it can be kept in a domestic setting similar to dogs or cats. In the United States and Canada there is a relatively established community of Fennec Fox owners and breeders.

Pet Fennec Foxes, being the most social among foxes, are usually very friendly towards strangers and other household pets. However, they are extremely active, and need outlets for their energy; they may exhaust other household pets with their playfulness. Moreover, instinctual behaviors, such as hiding caches of food in case of famine and attempting to burrow into furniture to build a nest, can also add to the difficulty of their care. Fennec Foxes are often not able to be housebroken, although a few owners have reported being able to litter-train their Fennec Foxes.

Several factors make it important to ensure that a pet does not escape. Its speed and agility (they can jump four times their own body length), along with their natural chase instinct, creates the risk of a Fennec Fox slipping its harness or collar. Since it is also an adept digger (it can dig up to 20 feet a night in their natural environment), outdoor pens and fences must be extended several feet below ground. Escaped Fennec Foxes are extremely difficult to recapture.

Any diet in a domestic setting should reflect their diet in the wild. Though omnivorous, a great deal of their diet consists of meat and protein sources like insects. Food sources commonly used include high quality meat-rich dog food, wild canine food brands, cat food, raw meats, insects, mealworms and custom dietary mixtures.

The legality of owning a fennec varies by jurisdiction, as with many exotic pets. Also, being considered an exotic animal, not all veterinarians will treat them, so it is important to find one who will provide vaccinations and any necessary medical care.


Autumn said...

They have a fennec fox at the Memphis Zoo! I only saw him one time, and he was THE cutest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

so, the Fennec fox is a fragile animal, and it could've had a heart attack.
and with the owner. jerking it back like that was very cruel.