Friday, May 29, 2009

New Look & Trip Update

Do you like the new look? My blog needed a little remodeling, so I went a little crazy. I'm not bowled over by it, but it does reflect my mood. Feeling very unsure of my job and what the future holds these past few months, as I'm sure many others are. This template certainly fits my emotional state, so it might be here for a while. I hope it doesn't overstay its welcome, though. When the template changes to a nature scene of some kind, you will know that I have emerged from my funk and all is well in my world again.

In the meantime, here are some photos I took in Louisiana with my daughter last week. We had a good time visiting my mom, our relatives, and her friends. We actually did a little cooking which was nice, but we also dined in restaurants and ate like royalty. Both of us flushed money down the toilet at The Hollywood Casino -- toilets being the slot machines. We tried our hand at roulette, blackjack and video poker, but fared even worse there. Lady luck was not with us this trip. On the last day we went downtown to take pictures and we were able to tour the Louisiana Old State Capitol building. I had my first wedding reception there in 1980. Seeing it again 29 years later, I was able to appreciate the aesthetics more. It is really stunning inside and out.

Interior of the Louisiana Old State Capitol building
Old Louisiana State Capitol interior

Louisiana Old State Capitol building

In my mother's neighborhood

Friday, May 15, 2009

Slacking and Blipping

Wow, it's been a month to the day since I last updated this blog. What a complete and utter slacker I've been.

Do I have a good excuse for being so neglectful? Is there some physical affliction keeping me from writing? Are cosmic forces at work stifling what little writing abilities I possess? No. No. And 'maybe'.

Between Twitter, Facebook, photography excursions, and all the new gadgets, my time seems like a fart in a hurricane. I wonder: Can A.D.D. be acquired at 48 years old? I might be a new case study. :)

Another pretty major player has entered the scene: DJ-ing online. That's right--thanks to Jay, I am now addicted to It's like Twitter for music, but instead of tweets, you blip songs. Create a profile, search for any song online, and click blip, which automatically adds it to your blip list. Stream the public timeline or play your Favorite DJs. Personally, I like the public timeline best because you get a wider variety of music. If you see a song you like, you can give that DJ props and/or reblip their blip. If you really like their blips, you can add them as a favorite DJ. I've found some great music and rediscovered songs that I had forgotten all about. It'll also update Twitter automatically unless you choose not to.

Check me out at!