The Blog

I started this blog in 2007 with the intention of writing about my Cajun childhood in Baton Rouge/Sunshine, LA. But in 2008 I bought a DSLR and became obsessed with nature photography. My blog has morphed over time into a place to share my images. I gravitate toward birds, but I will shoot any wildlife that enters my field of vision, including alligators. I try my best to present crisp, clear photos, but if I see something new out in the field, and don't get that perfect shot, I will show it here anyway. 

My husband of 23 years is a financial advisor, so he is analytical about most things...a very calm, one-emotion type guy. This works out well because I tend to be nervous and high-strung. Double D has grown to love nature, too, and is very good about taking me to all the wildlife reserves my heart desires. He is my best friend and the best husband a woman could ask for. 

Interacting with other bloggers is a great source of pleasure for me. Currently, my schedule is to post Monday through Friday using the "schedule" feature. I make blog rounds in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings. I am a loyal friend and blogger, returning comments faithfully. I'm very appreciative to those who take time to reciprocate, but I understand when life interruptions prevent regular blogging.

Thank you for reading and for your visit! Please email me with any questions.