Monday, November 3, 2008


With Spenser's passing, our anniversary, and my mother being sick, I haven't had the desire to do my walks. Tonight seemed as good a night as any to return to my commitment. The weather is still mild, so I need to take advantage of that.

Chance and Sparky go into orbit when I reach for my sneakers. Lately, they've started showing signs of anxiousness when I approach the bureau and open the shorts drawer. It's funny how my little stalkers know I'm putting on walking clothes. My pj's hang on the back of the closet door and going for that article of clothing produces nothing more than a yawn from them. Those little boogers know the difference! Chance whines uncontrollably until I fasten his leash and open the door leading outside. Sparky twirls and pants. They're an odd little couple.

Anyway, we did our mile and I really wanted to do another one, but I was so worried about Sparky's heart murmur that I dropped him off at the house and kept going. I still can't believe I walked an additional mile without keeling over. Yay me.