Favorite Things

Prepworks Fruit & Vegetable Keepers
I first tried the small container above just to see if it was going to work as it said. I washed and rinsed my strawberries right in the container and stored them. After one week, no mushy berries! It definitely keeps fruit and vegetables longer and in fresher condition than using regular storage methods, so I purchased two more. This is a wonderful product that lives up to its claims. Click here to find it on Amazon.

Origins Plantscription Eye Cream
As I approached my mid-forties, I started noticing the area under my eyes was extremely dry. At one point it was so bad that I could actually peel the skin away in tiny, brittle pieces. Something had to be done. I tried so many different creams, I lost count. Some were expensive, some were not. Finally, after reading a review somewhere, I discovered Plantscription. Instant relief! I purchased this tiny container for $42.50 in Oct. 2011 and it lasted 8 months; a little goes a long way. No more dry, cracking skin around my eyes. This stuff is AWESOME!

Philosophy's Amazing Grace
Recommended by a blogger friend, I am now hooked on Philosophy products. I first purchased Inner Grace shampoo/shower gel from Amazon and loved it immediately. It's great on my hair, and my skin feels soft and smells wonderful. The day after trying Inner Grace I decided to find a store nearby so I could test all the scents. Amazing Grace is now my new love. I have both the perfume and shower gel. It has a clean, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower smell. I don't like strong or heavy perfumes, so this is perfect.

Manuka Honey Cream
This AMAZING, miraculous cream from New Zealand CURED my eczema. I know this sounds like one of those made-up claims in order to sell something, but I solemnly swear that it is TRUE! Scientists have discovered that honey has a powerful inhibitory effect on no fewer than sixty species of bacteria! Most of these bacteria are notoriously resistant to antibiotics, but they are powerless against the antibacterial properties of honey. Read more about Manuka honey with UMF here.

I had dry, itchy, peeling skin on my hands and feet which prevented me from playing tennis. I had been to my doctor and dermatologist several times and nothing they prescribed worked. My dermatologist had me on oral medication and different ointments at different times. He even told me to wrap my feet in plastic after applying the cream. No difference. No relief.

For 10 years I suffered with this problem, then one day I received a phone call from my mother telling me that some program she'd been watching on tv talked about a special honey for eczema sufferers. I pretty much hung up on her and started Googling. Not really, but I was pretty desperate for help. Since my doctors were unable to cure me, what did I have to lose with honey?

I ended up on Amazon's web site where I discovered Active Manuka Honey Cream. The $31.00 price tag for a tiny tube of cream made me wince, but I had already spent a ton of money at the doctor's with zero results, so I thought this was worth a try.

From the moment I applied the cream I experienced relief. Finally! After two weeks I saw dramatic improvement--my skin was healing and returning to a healthy pink color, the itching was gone, and the peeling was subsiding. After a couple of months my eczema was all but gone. This was 2009 and as of 2011 I am still eczema-free for the most part. I keep a tube on hand for small flare-ups that occur on my right thumb. The area on my thumb is so small that I am going to consider myself cured.

Manuka honey cream can also be used for cuts, burns, chapped dry skin, poison oak, insect bites, and newly diagnosed shingles.

iPad Mini
First I had the Kindle Fire and loved it, but browsing the web on that device was a bit cumbersome. The iPad Mini is lighter and more intuitive just like all Apple products. I've been in love with Apple since the iPod. I do a lot of blog reading and commenting on this device which sometimes means I don't actually sit at my desk computer for days at a stretch. A bonus is all the apps, games, etc. If I'm not careful, it can sometimes monopolize too much of my time. Yep, a time stealer is pretty much my major gripe. :)
Update: on 11/29/13 I dropped it on my driveway and cracked the face on all four corners. It is now streaking its way across the entire screen. I think it has character now. And maybe it won't become such a time thief because I refuse to replace it.

Dyson Vacuum
With 3 dogs we have pet hair in our house like you wouldn't believe. For years I convinced myself that the Dyson vacuum was probably overpriced and underperforming. After going through many mid-priced vacuums that were obviously no match for our hair problem, I decided to give the Dyson DC24 ball vacuum a whirl. I figured if it didn't perform as it should, I would return it to Amazon, and be proven right!

Surprisingly, it was a breeze to put together, so I put it to use immediately. It maneuvers easily, adjusting from carpeting to bare floors effortlessly. It's also extremely lightweight which means I can vacuum without feeling like I'm going through a Biggest Loser Last Chance workout. The hair fills up the bin quickly, letting me know that it is doing its job.

We've only had it since December, 2010, so I can't speak to its longevity, but I will update with any issues as they arise. Overall, I really do love this vacuum. Well, as much as a vacuum can be loved.


Charlotte Wilson said...

I love my Dyson...can't remember the model but it is HEAVY! So when it comes time to get a new one I will give the Dyson DC24 a whirl! Thank for the advice!

Suzan said...

Love your new Photo head and wondering why I'm just now seeing these tabs!!My husband has terrible eczema on his hands to where they split and peel and crack. I will order some tonight and hope this will help! He has tried everything!! Thank you Gail for sharing!!

Gordon said...

Here in The UK we call it the Dyson Roller Ball, in the Dyson animal series, and I love my Dyson too, and I'm a fella, so keep it to yourself;-)

E.liza"BETH" said...

i saw a Dyson going out for trash at a neighbor's house the other day. i was wondering??! ( :