Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bienvenue en Louisiane

Sorry I've been MIA. Last Thursday my daughter and I flew to Baton Rouge to be with my mother for five days. It was my usual quarterly trip to take her to the doctor and run errands that she hates asking anyone else to do. While there, my daughter somehow injured her back. I brought her to an urgent care place where they took x-rays and dispensed muscle relaxers, which didn't really do that much. She is still suffering, so I hope my baby girl is well soon! Below is a short pictorial of our time there.
Down the street from my mother we discovered this tree that we thought had fake flowers attached to it. They weren't fake. It took some serious investigation on Google, but it turns out that it's a Jane Magnolia. Fell in love.

The way the light was hitting these azaleas was incredible. I really didn't do it justice.

This was a drink I had at The Chimes restaurant called a Tigertini. All I remember was that it had vodka and pomegranate liqueur with gold salt lining the rim. (Taken with my iPhone)

This was my poor baby on the 2nd day. She was such a trouper, hardly complaining and trying to keep my mother from worrying. My mother is an expert worrier.

This was a really creepy cemetery off Old Hammond Hwy. and Airline Hwy. The graves were all askew as though they had been through an earthquake. I'm wondering if either Katrina or Gustav might have been responsible.

Although the graveyard appeared to be abandoned, this bright bouquet of balloons looked as though they had just been placed there. Again, creepy.

Some of the vaults were broken, exposing the coffins underneath. Creepy times 12!

LSU Lakes...I've always loved this place. Beautiful homes surround the area while joggers and bikers pass energetically by. We had been looking for moss covered trees this trip and they were everywhere in abundance.

Drove to meet my dad in Hammond, LA at Don's Seafood Restaurant the day before we left. It was kind of an awkward visit, but from this picture you wouldn't know it.

After lunch with my dad we drove to my Aunt's in Killian, LA where they have a condo on the Tickfaw River. This is their dog Smoke. Supposedly he is named after a Nascar driver. :/

Convinced my mother on the last day to pose for a picture with my daughter. She fought me hard until I said, "Autumn took a picture with my dad - don't you want to have one too?" That's all it took.

My mother can be a little competitive - just watch her bowl.

Friday, March 5, 2010

La Grâce du Ciel

During a visit back home a few years ago, my uncle took me and my daughter to his little get-away cabin in Sunshine, LA. He built the structure all by himself, erecting it in the same place where the old barn used to be on my grandparents' property. Inside the sparsely furnished room was my grandparents' kitchen table with the bright yellow top and wide chrome sides, a guitar, my grandmother's collection of plates from different vacations, and a boom box. Pulling the boom box closer, he asked if we had ever heard Amazing Grace in french. We answered no, that we'd love to hear it. And that's how I discovered and fell in love with La Grâce du Ciel by Les Amies Louisianaises. Today I found it on youtube. The video accompanying the music made me completely and utterly homesick.

La Grâce du Ciel est descendue
Me sauver de l’enfer.
J’étais perdue, je suis retrouvée,
Aveugle, et je vois clair.

Le Bon Dieu m’a ouvert le ciel.
Son Fils est mort pour moi.
C’est grâce à Jésus, mon sauveur,
Que j’ai reçu la foi.

Quand j’aurai chanté dix mille ans
Dans Sa chorale des Anges,
Je n’aurai fait que commencer
À chanter Ses louanges.

De tous les dangers de la vie,
La grâce est mon abri.
C’est cette même grâce qui m’amènera
Aux portes du paradis.


La Grâce du Ciel
Les Amies Louisianaises
(Amazing Grace) (Traditional, French words by D. Marcantel)
Musique Acadienne Pub. Co. BMI and Pocahontas Music BMI

Grace from heaven came down
And saved me from hell
I was lost, I am found
Blind, and I see clearly

God opened heaven for me
His Son died for me
It is thanks to Jesus, my Savior
That I received faith

When I will have sung ten thousand years
In His choir of angels
I will only have begun
To sing his praises

From all the dangers of life
Grace is my shelter
It is this same grace which will lead me
To the gates of paradise.