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Nature and macro photography are my passions. Being outside in the thick of God's creation is an indescribable thrill. Not much else gets me as jazzed as tromping through the swamps, woods, rivers, and lakes with my gear. :) I've been close to alligators, snakes, nutria, and all other manner of flora and fauna. When a camera is in my hands I feel invincible.

I love connecting with other photographers and bloggers, so if you'd like to email me any questions, I'd be happy to correspond with you, dixon.gail(at) I can also be found on Flickr and 500px.

Canon 5D Mark II
All images courtesy of

These are the lenses that get the most use:

Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 (a 50th birthday present from my mom!)

Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens

Canon 35mm f/2.0 wide angle
Canon 50mm f/1.8


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I am a Canon lover too... You have an impressive collection and a keen eye.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I just saw you had a Flicker link... OUTSTANDING! My eyes are huge as frying pans, heart racing and I cant get my jaw off the keyboard. That tulip photo... What more can I say.

Gail Dixon said...

Tammy, thank you so much for the compliment. You definitely have an impressive collection of photos yourself! Sorry, I'm just seeing these comments for some reason. I really do appreciate your visits to my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

How I LOVE your photos -- I am going to be up grading from a Canon eos rebel xti -- I want to be able to shoot photos like the one you do - up close but not standing near the object - I want to shoot from far away yet get clear close ups.. What do you highly recommend..???

Anita Johnson said...

I had to look at your equipment list too. Great equipment + your talent = stunning photos!

diane b said...

Came here to check the gear you use to get such amazing photos. The hummingbird series is gobsmacking good. I am thinking of upgrading from my entry level 100D Canon . The 5D sounds awesome. I have similar lenses 18 to 250mm, Macro the same, 50mm the same. They should be okay for a 5D.

diane b said...

Forgot to mention even though I have similar gear, my photos are not a patch on yours. It is not just the gear that makes the photo it is who is hanging onto it.