Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Shutter speed, aperture setting, Av mode, Tv mode, ISO...GAH! Will I ever get it? I am able to comprehend what each element is supposed to achieve independently, but trying to figure out how they integrate based on my surroundings is something else. I have never wanted to learn anything so badly! I keep waiting for a profound revelation, something to click inside my brain so that I can ultimately understand the mechanics of this apparatus.

Feeling somewhat at war with my camera, I snapped a few pictures, edited my mistakes in Lightroom, and then studied on the internet for hours last night to determine what I was doing wrong. There was one web site that gave remarkably clear explanations with graphic illustrations which helped, but I still feel like I'm groping around a pitch black dungeon with only a child’s birthday cake candle for illumination. Methinks this is going to require my brain to effectively shift past first gear and THINK. The last test I studied for was my Vet Tech license a few years ago and I got a 92 on that, so you would think I could do this! And medicine makes me queasy - not my best subject by any means. I am determined to conquer this!

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Autumn said...

Don't worry, you'll get there! Just remember - you haven't even had the camera a week, and it's not going to be dead easy immediately. Give it a month, and I bet you'll be surprised by how much has become intuitive. And above all, just keep practicing - you'll never get there if you don't teach your mind & muscles how everything works together. Soon enough, though, you'll develop sense memories and won't have to work hard to get amazing pictures!