Thursday, October 30, 2008


Decided to take some time off work, and went to Grapevine Botanical Gardens to relax and take pictures today. It's a small, quaint garden, so it didn't take long to go through it. As I was about to leave, a squirrel came out to eat some corn that was lying near a pumpkin. He was a pretty good distance away, but I continued to slowly creep up on him. That corn must've tasted really good because he kept munching no matter how close I got. Every once in a while he would stand straight up and look alarmed. Eventually, I switched to my 300mm lens and got about 10-12 feet from him. I was shooting like I had a machine gun, using the rest of the memory on my flash card - about 100 pictures just of him. I'm calling him Chipper. He made my day.


Anonymous said...

Gail - I love the pics you get with your camera. The "squirbe" as we call them in our house - looks cute enough. But I hate them. I probably wouldn't if I didn't have dogs. But they torment them SO!!! Make their lives miserable - teasing them on the fence - flapping their little tails as if to say, "nah-nah you can't get me". And then the dogs make MY life miserable! Ha! Cute anyway!

Gail Dixon said...

Thanks, Mickey. Sorry about your dog dilemma with the squirrels. We don't have squirrels in our yard, but we have rabbits that cause the same problem, only they don't taunt my dogs.