Thursday, November 19, 2009

Under Pressure

Thanksgiving is almost here and already I've been forced to start thinking about Christmas. I just want to get past Thanksgiving; then and only then, can I concentrate on Christmas. One thing at a time. Please.

Our house is small and our family is large. This creates problems. There are 6 adult children, two with spouses, and three grandchildren. Last year, for the first time in years, we had all of them at our little matchbox home to celebrate. Add Rockband instruments to the space and it gets a little hairy.

Last year, I knew something in the "unpleasant vein" would transpire during the festivities, and that is exactly what happened. Our baby Chihuahua, Izzy, got violently ill. At the time, we thought she had swallowed a child's toy; however, x-rays, IV fluids, an overnight hospital stay, and $1000 later, we learned it was from eating too much human food. Tiny morsels were dropped on floors and chairs and couch cushions. No biggie, you expect stuff like that with so many people, except for a 6 lb. dog, it becomes a huge problem.

The unexpected $1000 was pretty unpleasant, but the thought of losing Izzy was too horrendous to consider. I would have prostituted myself to get her well. Not really. I couldn't earn much at this age and with my current body shape anyway. I jest. :)

This year Izzy will be crated. There will be absolutely no access. I will hire bodyguards if necessary. I will whisk her away to an undisclosed destination. She will enter the Witness Protection program. Whatever it takes. She will not be carted around like a rag doll, drooling over human food. Not one speck of chocolate or a microscopic cookie crumb will enter her field of vision this holiday season. Nope, not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...
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Kittie Howard said...

Belle, Izzy is adorable, very cuddly, and, like you wrote, therein lies the problem. I'm sorry she got so sick last time, and a thousand smackers, yipes! But, like you, I would have paid the fare, love's like that. I hope and pray your plan works this year...just in case, tho, do you have a back-up plan, you know, a friend/neighbor who could babysit Izzy for T-day? Plse let us know how this turns out...and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Gail Dixon said...

Thanks, Kittie. My fears were realized early as she ruptured a disc over the weekend. Grrrr. She'll be okay but I hate seeing her in pain. :(