Friday, January 15, 2016

Thanks For Everything

Greetings to the wonderful community of Blogland! My sincerest apologies for being absent, and I regret to say, that it will be a permanent situation, at least on Blogger. All is well, though! My life is so full; fuller than I ever imagined it could be. 

This last post is an effort to express my deep gratitude for the blogging community. For almost 8 years you let me vent about life and hone my photography skills. Many wise souls in my circle offered advice and counsel for life's struggles. And even when some photos (many) were of questionable quality, you'd still find a way to say something positive. Some of us exchanged gifts and cards with each other. Phone calls were even exchanged with a couple of you. Without YOUR encouragement I would never have grown as much as I have, especially these last three years. I hope I have been a source of support for you, too.

As wonderful as blogging is, in the end, I just couldn't keep up and still do all the things I enjoy doing outdoors. On some days I had to decide if I wanted to kayak or blog. Hmmm, gardening or blogging? Photography or blogging? You get the picture. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those energetic types that can go all day and all night. This ol' gal needs her beauty sleep (and lots of it). 

In November, we lost Sparky to congestive heart failure. Double D purchased this beautiful marble frame and gave it to me for Christmas. Oh, the tears! Sparky disliked having his picture taken, so I didn't have any crisp images to put in it except this one. I called him my "little monkey" because he had such a cute face that I adored. Anyway, I thought the frame said in essence what I want to say to you: Thanks for everything. 
2/9/2002 - 11/16/2015
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Thanks again for everything. I truly did have a wonderful time.