Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gadget Overload

Yes, I finally did it. I caved and purchased the 24" iMac yesterday -- all because we were a little early in meeting my daughter and her friend for dinner.

Since we had about 30 minutes to kill, I asked Double D to stop at Best Buy so that I could purchase a pair of Skullcandy headphones for my new Shuffle. Like a magnet I flew straight over to the computer section first just to drool over the Macs.

Mind you, I had only planned on drooling, not forking over moulah.

Best Buy's marketing strategy of putting the prices in black on a bright yellow field worked. When I saw $1499 for the 24" with 4GB memory and 640GB hard drive, I went "Whoa!" I thought I remembered seeing it a few months before for $1799. I called my daughter immediately and said I might be late for dinner because I had just been drawn into the iMac vortex. She, being the ever diligent daughter, looked up the price on Apple's web site, and sure enough, the price was $1499 there also. Jay got on the phone and said it was a really good price and he also thought it had been more expensive a few months prior. My mind became trapped in buy mode and I was powerless to stop it. Double D looked at my pleading eyes and said to go for it. I figured 'ya know, I don't have a car note anymore, so why shouldn't I'?

I titled this post "Gadget Overload" because in the same week I ordered a 50 mm Prime lens for Mabel and the day after that, I purchased the iPod Shuffle for when I take my walks. The week prior, I purchased the iPod Touch. I have never made so many gadget-y purchases in such a short period of time. I'm hoping nothing new comes out to tempt me.

Jay and Autumn came over today to help me get my new baby all set up. Jay was absolutely wonderful, patient, and full of information to help me navigate this thing. Thank you!!!!!!!

Oh, I never did get the Skullcandy headphones. I think that can wait.


Mickey said...

Wowwey-wow-wow!!!! I am SO jealous! (But not in an icky way!) My mac has been having a few glitches lately and I'm hoping it isn't going to the bad place. But I would LOVE to have a new mac.

You should have named your post "Gadget Girl Gone Wild". Ha!
Congrats on the new baby. You'll love it.

Gail Dixon said...

Ah, I will consult with you for my next post title, Mickey -- yours is perfect! And yes, I love the new baby. I just need a name for her.