Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Times They Are a Changin'

Below is a conversation I had with my mom yesterday. She's so cute with her cajun accent and sing-song voice:

Mama: Why was my newspaper so thin today? There was hardly anything to it.

Me: I'm afraid you're hanging onto a dinosaur. People are getting their news from the internet now. Don't be surprised if your paper bites the dust soon.

Mama: Well, how am I going to know who died? I read the obituaries every day.

Me: It may be time for us to revisit the idea of getting you a computer. The news is much more timely on the internet, anyway. By the time they print the paper and get it to your door, it's out of date.

Mama: I wouldn't even know how to work the computer anymore.

Me: Oh, yes you would. You'd do fine.

Mama: Well, we'll see. I really just want to know who died.
Speaking of internet news, I feel as though I am overloaded with it most days, so maybe it would be a bad idea to introduce this 24/7 access to my mother. She already watches too much Fox News. It's not as easy as you might think to break an addiction to the news - at least for me. Once my blood pressure starts to go up, that's my cue that I need to step away. That's why I love Neatorama. When I become over saturated, I go to their site and find beautiful gems like this:

Poor cat. While not exactly possessing standard beauty, it still is very interesting!
Found this youtube on Neatorama as well: Everything is Amazing Yet Nobody is Happy

The comedian, Louis CK, basically pokes fun at what a spoiled society we are. It was funny, but it also served to put things into perspective for me. We seriously need to stop and appreciate all the amazing technological advances we take for granted. It reminds me of times past when I would complain to my boss about the computer and he would say, "Well, we can always go back to the typewriter and triplicate forms." This would always make me appreciate my malfunctioning computer.
My daughter wrote a wonderful post to specifically highlight the things during the week that brought her joy. This is a noble idea from a truly perfect daughter! I think I may have to copy her idea at some point. I just need to turn off Rush and O'Reilly first.


Anonymous said...

That was hilarious - and SO TRUE! We were just talking about back in the old days before everyone had cell phones, that if you were out and about and needed to make a call, that you'd have to find a pay phone (which I don't think even exists anymore). And before the internet if you wanted to research something you'd have to go to a LIBRARY! Remember those? and then try to figure out the duey decimal system (probably not spelled right) to find the book that you wanted instead of just clicking a few keys on the computer. Ugh. (Nothing against libraries, but you get my drift). Yes, we are very, very spoiled. But I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! Was that really a pink porpoise? Or do you think the photo was "altered"? Well of course it would have to be wouldn't it? There is no such thing as a pink porpoise! IS THERE?

Too embarassed to leave my real name!

Gail Dixon said...

I was cracking up over Louis CK when he recalled dialing a phone. Phone numbers that had more than one zero made us impatient because it seemed to take forever to go around the dial. Remember black and white TV with only 3 stations? Yeah, I'm dating myself. :)

Too embarrassed - yes that is an albino dolphin. I'm not sure of the one on Neatorama, but one was sighted in Louisiana on Calcasieu Lake. I think it really is true!,2933,287938,00.html

Jay said...

@Anon: yes, there really is a pink porpoise, it's a very rare albino, but there is actual video footage of them in the wild :)

@Louisiana Belle: I think your mom needs a Mac Mini :)