Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, Izabella!

What is it about this shivering bundle of white fur that would compel me to shell out $40 for a personalized collar? Heaven knows I try to keep my well-known weakness for handbags under that price. Even worse, Double D is on the Anything for Izzy bandwagon with me. Yep, he was right there in the pet store, slightly nervous because we had located all the letters of her name, except Y. Finally, when he found a Y hidden behind another letter, he punched it high in the air as though he had won a gold medal at the Olympics. Okay, maybe I embellished Double D's role a bit, but he was still an eager accomplice!

Next, we had to choose a collar color of red, pink or black. I wanted to go with red since she has had pink a couple of times. Black, while fashionable for humans, was out of the question for Izzy's skin...er...fur tone. Dennis insisted on pink. Rarely is Double D ever insistent when we're out shopping, so I thought, "okay, let him have his way this time." Yet...I really wanted the red. After wearing him down, I talked him into the red collar by saying it would be great for Valentine's day. Guess what? They didn't have red in her size. I lost and pink it was!

While I was morphing into a paparazzo trying to get the perfect camera shot of Izzy with her new bling, Sparky shot ME a look that made my heart instantly sad. It was so pitiful, as if to say "Where's my bling? Where's my love and adoration?" Aw, Spark Plug, I still adore you, little man. You still get the prime real estate on the bed with the softest blanket. You always get the place by my lap when we're watching TV. You get more rides in the car than the other dogs. AND, you ALWAYS get the last lick on the dishes. No worries, little fella. You also have a grill that is the envy of the neighborhood!

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