Monday, February 14, 2011

Mute Swans In Love

I took this photo last October. Two mute swans were doing a mating dance, oblivious to me and my obnoxious, clacking camera. I've been waiting to upload it on THIS day ever since! Seemed like forever, and I hoped I wouldn't forget, as my memory is not what it once was. :/ I was going to work on editing yesterday to try to clean them up, but hubby spent the entire day on my computer trying to get our Harmony One remote programmed. :/ So, this is pretty much SOOC (straight out of camera) except for minimal cropping, exposure adjustment, and sharpening. I may try to clean these two lovebirds up another day. 

EDIT UPDATE:  I reworked the photo with a texture overlay from Dubtastic. I'd still like to see what else can be done to help this photo. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Pearl said...

Beautiful. This is beautiful.


courtney said...

I don't see a reason to do a thing with this photo, Gail! It's gorgeous just the way it is!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

mamatronic said...

I love this as is! It's like something out of a book. Too perfect! But I like that you've challenged your friends to process it differently. Too bad I'm not much of a post processor yet.

LoveBeing said...

Thank you so much for your lovly picture! :-) I looked hard for the Perfect picture to share with my own quote about love.. I hope it's o.k. I'm posting it in my Facebook.. :-)

"Life is not about Being Loved,
It's about Being Loving.." :-)

Lots of Love!
Gil Bar-On :-)