Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vistas of Dana Point

Are you sick of seeing Dana Point in the title of my posts? I saw that eye roll! And I don't blame you. :) Please be patient. Only one more set after this, which will be the surfing shots. I want to end on an upbeat note with lots of action!

Our stay at the Ritz was incredible. The room was situated on a private floor with its own concierge and help staff. There were four "food presentations" each day with the most delectable and artfully decorated goodies that made my eyes pop out of their sockets. I must admit it's quite intoxicating to experience such lavishness. I could quickly adapt to this lifestyle without a hitch. Money can't buy you class as they say, but it can certainly buy you comfort.

Before I present the views, feast your eyes on some of the slop we were served. I kid!
Excuse the poor quality, but this was taken with my iPhone.
The little silver beads are edible.
The shot glass contained what appeared to be tres leches cake,
but creamier than we're used to in Texas.

This was one of the lunch presentations. I thought the cesar salad idea was cool.
On to the views! Each morning we awoke to hazy skies, but by 2PM it usually burned off. I certainly didn't mind; it made for some moody photos. 

Hello!! Can you tell how hard I'm trying to suck in my gut?
This was taken after one of the food presentations.
This was our concierge's desk.  The view from this window made it feel as though
the water was right there, like we were peering out of a ship's window.
I loved that the hotel colors were the same as my living room at home: chocolate and ice blue.
These guys played for our big company dinner, playing non-stop for over 4 hours without a break.
I hope I have that much energy when I'm their age.
(taken with iPhone)
Look what the beer tasting menu had stamped on it in wax!
I pretended they did it just for me.
(taken with iPhone)
Rear view of the Ritz Carlton
The haze burned away revealing the most vivid blue hues.


TexWisGirl said...

lovely blues. yup, i'd have been hanging around that dessert table - yum!

missing moments said...

I could never get tired of views like these! great shots!

Evelyn S. said...

Omigosh...was this a prize trip? I saw the mention of "company" so wondered if it was one you earned...OR did you just take a vacation at the Ritz? You've really captured a fabulous time!

Georgianna said...

Well I will never get tired of such beautiful photos, Gail. And certainly not of this first hand account of staying at the Ritz Carlton! I was born in Newport Beach but never indulged in staying there. And how lovely they put the fleur de lis on the beer list for you! :)

Thanks so much for the tour!

Jillsy Girl said...

You're killin' me I'm telling you...killin' me! How in the world did you tear yourself away from euphoria????

Joey said...

You soooo deserve the pampering!

I stayed at the Ritz in Houston with my husband on a business trip. It was NOTHING like this... he wouldn't even let me eat breakfast there. I could have belted him. Now he's mellowed and regrets it.

I'm so happy for you!!!!


the wild magnolia said...

I'm having a blast. Seeing new foodie stuff and beautiful places.

Thank you for sharing.

lisa said...

Beautiful photographs Gail, and oh I am loving those food presentations!!
How did you ever leave there???

Linda R. said...

Oh my stars.. I could never get tired of looking at these photos.. Looks a little like heaven to me. It really is amazing how good your phone photos are.. I might have to get me one of those. Thanks for sharing your trip with us..

Hugs, Linda

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing this great trip. I love your photos especially the food photography! Yum.

beth said...

gut sucking.....LOL
i think you look fantastic !

Autumn said...

That place is truly stunning! I'm so glad you had an awesome trip. The photos are beyond beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I'd love to sit at that desk and look out at the ocean!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Ok, I thin you'll have to take us all with you next time, it all looks too good to be true! It must have been a sensational holiday.

Sara said...

Oh my, just beautiful and amazing, what a fantastic place to holiday, heaven! Great photos too!

Barbara said...

Oh what a fabulous experience! I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at those food photos!!

Rosie said...

As I'm heading down from your latest post I don't roll my eyes - yet ;-)
These photos are absolutely adorable!! I love those views! And I'm hungry now...!

hootnonny said...

Looks like you died and went to heaven! Never tire of your photos!

Barb said...

I stayed there once for a convention. Your photos do it justice - I actually took a tour of the kitchen - very impressive.

septembermom said...

When I look at your photos, they sing of "blue". The colors are intoxicating, and you look great as always!!!

bettyl said...

Such lovely photos!