Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photo highlights of the week

My neighbor's Cherry Blossom tree is blooming again. I look forward to this colorful explosion every year. This neighbor of mine has quite the green thumb. Annoyingly, however, most mornings he can be found moving cars in and out of his driveway right as I'm trying to leave for work. His driving is awful and he's so slow...turning the corner but barely moving. It's like I'm trapped in some slow-mo scene out of a movie. Sometimes I wish we had bumper cars because his driving gets me so incensed that I just want to bump him out of the way. I think there are several generations living in the house because there are so many cars, teenagers, babies, etc. He is very elderly and speaks no English, so I know I need to relax and let him do his thing, but at the same time I need to get to work. I'm a very punctual person and get nervous if I think I might be even a minute late! But when his yard starts blooming, all is forgiven! One day I saw him outside with a pair of scissors trimming the grass along the sidewalk. His yard is immaculate. I don't like that I get so angry with this poor old man, so I'm trying to work on my attitude. Remember, don't ask the Lord for grace because he will surely give you ample opportunities to work on it! LOL

Purchased tulips today since my bouquet from last week started wilting. Used a new texture by Kim Klassen called Mad Love.

Friday after work I noticed these redbud trees blooming near the golf course. This is one of my favorite trees. I used textures by Kim Klassen on both of these, but I can't decide which one I like better. I like the muted colors on the 2nd one, but I also love the more vivid colors on the first one. 

Playing with textures and my bouquet of flowers from last week. I think this is a Shadowhouse Creations texture, but I'm not sure. I've slept since then. :)


charlottes web said...

Oh, Gail! How absolutely gorgeous! i also love Redbud trees. My husband cut mine down as he said the squirrels were jumping onto our roof and getting into the attic. I miss it.
I love your tulip. We don't have tulips here very much as they don't return every year like up north.
So funny about your wanting to "bump" your neighbor. lol I am like you; i like to be punctual and I am very impatient when someone is in my way.

mamatronic said...

I'm loving all of these so much. Especially the second of the cherry blossoms- the colors are so vivid against the sky. You know, I'm thinking one of my neighbors has a tree like this. I hadn't noticed or appreciated it.

Starla said...

OH MY! Your photos are just incredible!! I love the added texture to the flowers (need to work on that, the couple of photos I TRIED to add texture too, welllll, let's just say I didn't save the changes! LOL!)

lisa said...

Such gorgeous work Gail!
I saw the cherry blossoms on FLickr, and fell in love.
Gosh the difference between the redbud tree shots is amazing, and I am sorry to be of no help here, but I just cannot choose. I love their color which is muted in the textured one, but I love the softness of the textured one.
Really, really fantastic work with these.

hootnonny said...

I love all these gorgeous pics, and I couldn't pick between the textures. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!
Some trees here have burst out in color, but too windy to shoot. Hope tomorrow will be calmer.

Rosie said...

Oh Gail, what a beautiful collection! Gives me the spring feeling!! As to the redbud tree shot - they are both beautiful! At the moment I think the first one would be my favourite, but I think mostly because I long for vibrant colours after these weeks of grey! :-)

Louisiana Belle said...

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your beautiful pictures brightened my day. It's gray and gloomy here with no flowers in sight.

I used to have a neighbor like you only mine played slow motion bumper-bumping with the curbs. I yiyi.

Have a great week, jj

jo©o said...

That redbud (we call it Judas' Tree, Cercis siliquestrum) is , well, can't find the words.
Takes my breath away. The first one has the edge.
Not so keen on gerberas :-)

Rosemary Aubut said...

Love your work Gail! So very beautiful! You are a great source of inspiration!
Thank You!

Munir said...

Cherry Blossoms already? Wow ! We had ice on leaves yesterday from Sunday's Rain storm.

Henrietta said...

Gosh how lovely, I so envy you for that beauty:)

maureen said...

Those cherry blossom photos are amazing, such a welcome sign of spring. So pretty against the blue sky.
I love both of your redbud photos, but I think I may like the softer second one best.
beautiful photos, all of them

Evelyn S. said...

Wow...just WOW! I LOVE every single one of your photos! Those cherry blossoms ...with the stripe...and your capture---fabulous. The tulip is ethereal, I think. I'm not familiar with redbud, but those blossoms are so wonderful, both without and with the textures. But that Gerbera! I love everything about it. I'm putting you in My Favorite Blogs sidebar so I don't miss a post.

minor said...

Very beautiful cherry blossoms. I have never seen this kind of cherry blossom. We will see beautiful cherry blossoms about 20days after in Tokyo.