Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last day in Baton Rouge

For our last day my dad and his wife suggested we tour the LSU Rural Life Museum. They live in Mississippi and were kind enough to meet us in Baton Rouge so that we didn't have to drive an hour and a half to them. 

I had taken the kids to the Rural Life Museum years ago with my mother when they were rowdy little hellions that I had trouble controlling. One of my boys ended up breaking an antique bottle after which we received a very stern lecture from a nun. Oy. It was a less than pleasant memory. But my youngest boy who was with me on this trip has matured by leaps and bounds since then. I am no longer afraid of taking him places. :)

I am happy to report no broken bottles and a lovely, lovely visit. We learned a lot about how life was lived in mid-nineteenth century Louisiana. It made us grateful for all the modern conveniences we enjoy today.  Of course, I can imagine how our "modern technology" will look in 150 years. People will probably look at our iphones and wonder how we carried around those enormous phones, or laugh at the way it looks. A future generation will wonder how we lived such archaic lives. Isn't that strange to imagine?

*gasp* They actually carved MURDERED on his tombstone. Wow.
Is this some sort of lily? Anyone? They looked like flames in between the tulips.

My dad and Michael acting all gangsta
These enormous bumble bees were everywhere. I loved the way they hovered in the air. Wish I could've gotten a clearer shot.

Chicken coop and outhouse.
My dad the ham, and lover of all sorts of wild creatures and their skulls. :)
Michael, Darleen, Daddy

Young Hermes in Windrush Gardens (part of the Rural Life Museum)
As we sat inside an old church my dad noticed this crawling out from one of the pews and called me over to photograph him. He correctly identified it as a Skink. Notice how one of his nails is overlapping the other one. 


hootnonny said...

The museum surely didn't disappoint! What a great treasure trove it is! Love all the shots. Michael looks like your dad! I would guess that the flower is a different variety of tulip. I've seen them at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

charlottes web said...

HOw interesting to see all the old items that we used. Your shots are wonderful and it is so good to see your family. Thank you for the history lesson and reminder of our past life. You are so right that our kids will probably laugh at our phones and such.

Starla said...

Michael definitely got his features from your dad!
Loved all the photos! The tuplip(?) is incredibly gorgeous! I want that fire color in my yard!

Barbara said...

Wonderful photos! You've convinced me I need to schedule a visit myself!

lisa said...

Each of these photographs is wonderful Gail! It looks like this was an amazing place, and that you had a fantastic time!

Jillsy Girl said...

Fabulous pictures. That flower looks similar to a kind of tulip we planted last fall. Stunning!

Love that photo of the house and all the moss hanging from the trees!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Wow, Gail, looks like you had a fun filled day photographing some great stuff. Love your family and the bumblebee ... and everything else. Have a great week.

septembermom said...

The pictures are amazing!! You have a true gift and a creative eye. Love the post.

Rosie said...

What a wonderful collection of photos, Gail! They are all so beautiful! And I'm so glad to have a modern washing machine...! ;-)

Attila The Mom said...

Oh wow, just love all these pics!

mamatronic said...

Such a beautiful collection of photos AND memories! Love your Dad's gangsta look. I love all of the blue and green tones in these and that moss is too perfect.