Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling Springy!

Spring has got me going in full gear. Also, on my nature walks with Chance, I'm discovering new plants and learning new things about old ones. Even though we had a bit of a cold snap and some drizzly weather today, we still planted two new trees. Mud is everywhere, but our trees look amazing. We didn't get to put the Maple exactly where we wanted because of a gas line, but it really looks great where it ended up. Productivity and hard work definitely leads to a feeling of satisfaction. The real test will be if I can get out of bed tomorrow morning. :/

Below are some of my favorite photos from the week:
Double-petaled impatiens. About 1" in diameter, they look like miniature roses.
Mesquite Tree
Once I learned about all the wonderful attributes of the Mesquite tree, I no longer loathe it. You can read more about what I wrote here.
Chinaberry Tree 
Eve's Necklace, also known as Texas Sophora
So named because of the small black "beads" that form in fall. You can barely see one off to the right. They hang like a strand of pearls. Very poisonous.
Asiatic lilies for my garden. I bought yellow, orange and red. It's a riot of color. We were too tired from planting the trees to get these in the ground, but they will be going in sometime this week.
Autumn Blaze Maple
Our new backyard tree! The leaves are really a brighter green than what's shown here. In the fall, the leaves will turn a fiery red. Can't wait!
Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree
This is another tree we purchased this weekend for the garden. It's an ornamental tree that shouldn't grow too wide or too tall. The branches "weep", cascading with small white flowers. If I can get it to look like the photo on the tag, it should be a show-stopper!
This mockingbird kept coming around as we were digging the holes for the trees. He wasn't afraid at all! We soon realized he probably wanted the worms and grub worms we were uncovering. There were so many! I guess his appetite for worms outweighed his fear of humans.
Okay, so that's a recap of last week. This week I get my first horseback riding lesson! Hubby set it up for me on Thursday evening. I'm beyond excited. Hoping I can get a little photography in also. Don't worry, I won't be riding and snapping photos at the same time. I'm not that coordinated. I know my limits. :)


Jillsy Girl said...

Same thing here...been working in the back garden this past week and I thought I'd been bedridden from soreness, but nothing!! I was fine! Hope you will be as well! That first photo really does look like a rose and I love how you processed it! And isn't it awful that sometimes the most beautiful blooms are poisonous. Good luck with the weeping cherry...I have seen some and they are gorgeous!

mamatronic said...

Didn't know all of that about the Mesquite- I've always just liked their feathery leaves. Also didn't know there was an actual Chinaberry tree. My grandparents always called the tallow trees that.
I'm loving that Eve's Necklace. Wow! And the bokeh in these is so pretty.

Starla said...

sigh. I soooo need to get out in the yard and do some major cleaning and planting. This year I need to pull out plants that have reached the end of their lifespan and replant.
I love the double petal impatients. Might have to try to find some of those.

Love your photos. The bokah (sp?!) is gorgeous on them

lisa said...

Gail -
Looking though these is like watching the world wake up from a long, long winter. Each is so beautfully done!
Good luck with your riding lesson. I'll bet you're going to love it!!

charlottes web said...

My oh my, you have been busy! And so your pretty trees and flowers and bird. That china berry tree is really gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - I love that Eve's Necklace and I thought the first photo was a rose! Can't wait to see that Maple in the fall!

Jan said...

I've never head of "Eve's Necklace" and now I'm completely fascinated with it's name in relation to it's being poisonous. ha!
Gorgeous, gorgeous shots, Gail.

Henrietta said...

Texas Sophora is so beautiful, never seen before but I love it:)

hootnonny said...

The chinaberry tree is a page out of my childhood! Yall have been really busy; love all the images from your work and week.
My daughter de-stresses by horseback riding. Hope you enjoyed it!

Kerri said...

Beautiful captures!