Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tracking: Day 3

One more day of tracking my daughter's odyssey online. As a mother I feel compelled to document her pilgrimage to a land far, far away — a land that may or may not have more hippies per capita than anywhere else in the world. Who knew hippies still existed? I certainly didn't until I read about this weird and wild place where uninhibited people ride their bikes in the nude or do gardening in the buff. Yes, I've gotten conservative in my old age, though I wasn't always this way — I went streaking in the 70s, hah! But as a mother I am filled with worry. And just because my children are all adults now doesn't mean that I'll be ceasing that activity any time soon. So there!

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Teresa Evangeline said...

Sometimes I think the bigger they get, the bigger the worries. I think we signed on for a lifetime thing : )

SkitzoLeezra said...

Tell us the streaking story!

And he ain't wearin' no clothes
Oh yes, they call him the streak
Fastest thing on two feet
He's just as proud as he can be
Of his anatomy
He's gonna give us a peek
Oh yes, they call him the streak
He likes to show off his physique
If there's an audience to be found
He'll be streakin' around
Invitin' public critique