Friday, May 28, 2010

Choosing to be Cheerful

Today I am counting my blessings. These photos help me do that.

6 week old Liam. Finally met him yesterday and decided that he is too precious for words. What is it about the way a baby smells? Can't get enough of that.

Yes, we were in a traffic jam on Monday night, but we were on our way to have dinner with our dearest friends. They are moving to Austin, TX, so YAY! Another place to visit!

Camryn is an 8 year old dynamo with gorgeous red locks. She has a bright, sunny disposition just like her mother. She's so fun! She looks so serious here, but she was actually excited to be there even though they were losing. Badly.

Our little Hannah graduated kindergarten last week! We were all so proud of her when she received awards for reading 100 books and 'most improved'. Hannah's the pretty one, top right.

All boy, this is Seth landing safely on first base last Saturday. He can make some funny faces for the camera and he was doing so on the field, too. Little stinker. Sometimes he made faces at his coach; other times at the opposing team. As much as I love the faces, I just wanted an action shot, which was not hard to get.

I've discovered a field of wildflowers in my neighborhood. Anybody have a clue what this is? I loved the way the light was hitting it.

Even though there are some stressors in my life right now, I try to remember what Mama used to say: "There's always someone worse off than you." Then I start thinking of the person who is paralyzed or someone without arms, and I immediately chastise myself for even thinking of throwing a pity party.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial holiday, remembering the sacrifices made for us. I am very grateful for those who fought for our freedoms. Rock on with your bad selves and be safe!


Kittie Howard said...

I love a celebration of blessings. Thank you for sharing, Belle, for I've come to look forward to hearing what your lovely family is doing. I have a niece named Hannah. Your Hannah reminded me of my niece, so happy and out-going. And, yep, whenever I feel like throwing a pity party, I think of what your Mama said, which my Mama said, and am chastized. My hub's a retired USMC veteran (Silver Star from Vietnam). His best friend died there. In honor of all those who went before and serve now, Semper Fi!

Kittie Howard said...

Oops, forgot...don't understand why this post popped up on my blogroll and the previous ones didn't. Had this problem once before; don't understand, groan!

SkitzoLeezra said...

I enjoyed your words as much as your photos!

Teresa Evangeline said...

This is such a good post - your photos with "captions." Have a great weekend, Gail!

Louisiana Belle said...

Just wanted to pop in quickly to thank you all for visiting! I hope to get back to my blog roll soon so that I can catch up with you. You all have such rich and interesting posts. I like to be in a quiet place where I can read them uninterrupted.

Right now I'm off to the gardening store so that I can plant the rose bush my son gave me for Mother's Day. See you soon. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are blessed and these are all wonderful reminders. We have anew baby in our family too (3 days old). I can't wait to get a whif of that new baby smell :-)

Have a wonderful week.

Louisiana Belle said...

Thanks, Joanna. Congrats on your new addition!

Kittie Howard said...

Belle, midway thru my story I thought about what you'd think about my grandmother. Had to divide this story. Part I has a rather hard edge to it; part II will have a pillow's softness that I think you will have encountered. Hope all's going well your way.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

These are such great photos. I love the kindergarteners.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, and there is nothing better smelling than a baby's head.