Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Widow

I really dread this time of year, and by the photo, I think you can guess why. FOOTBALL! It's televised constantly! OMG. If I watched HGTV as much as Double D watches football, I would probably be served divorce papers before the next season of Design Star. He even watches high school football!

I will watch LSU play, and if I am in the mood, the New Orleans Saints. Beyond that, I've HAD IT UP TO HERE ALREADY!

Everything about it inflames me, setting my nerves on edge. The boring announcers, the beer commercials, the penalties, time-outs, replays, etc. In my mind these are simply delays which keep a game on the air for an agonizing THREE HOURS at a time! And that's just ONE game!

Let's discuss the penalties for a moment because they annoy me the most. I maintain that Congress was somehow involved in the development of this game because there is a penalty for every frickin' thing! I understand why many of them are in place, but some of these refs throw a flag down if a player farts. And in college, you can't celebrate a touchdown. Not even with a finger pointed toward heaven, or there's a penalty. What's that about? For tough guys they sure are sensitive if they can't take it when the other team scores. What a crock of BS!

Sorry for all the exclamation points. I had to get that off my chest. Do I feel any better? No, because I can hear the annoying sounds wafting upstairs to my office as I type this.

We have three HDTVs in the house, but the biggest, best one is downstairs in the living room, which is where Double D wants to park himself from August to the end of January. Enormous guilt comes over me if I want to watch something else when there's a game on. And when isn't there one on? With 200+ channels, there is a game being played somewhere. Sometimes Double D will sense my fuse about to blow and will watch upstairs on the 36" screen, but the whole time I'm feeling terrible because I know he is not getting the full effect as he would with the 52" Samsung. The very TV I convinced him we needed last year in order to ditch the other 55" dinosaur model that took up half the living room.

Is this my punishment? Six months of football? Seems a steep price to pay. Well, I only have a few more weeks to go. Will my nerves survive? Stay tuned.


Nadine said...

Thank goodness that my BF is not interested in any sports at all!! Although, if he were to watch a game, I would be more than content to sit there and read a book! Then again, if he were to watch games weekend after weekend, yeah, I would be pulling my hair out too!

courtney said...

Shop, shop, shop! :) And have some fun out of the house - I know it's super cold right now, though. Thankfully, Greg isn't into sports - not even a little. He just plays the PS3 - a lot. He cannot stand for me to leave the house...tons of phone calls..."Where you going?" "When are you coming back?" "Are you bringing food?" And I say to him, "are you done playing on the tv?" because YES, it drives me insane to hear the booming explosions and screaming soldiers a la Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. summary, I feel your pain.

(Back when we used to come over to y'all's house - and before that - every other weekend, Dad would turn on a &*#$@^@#$ football game, I'd fall right the f to sleep on the damn FLOOR, Gail! I remember well...)

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I'm a football widow also, but I don't mind, gives me more free time :).

Louisiana Belle said...

Thanks for the support, Nadine! Actually, sitting there with a book and my chi chis wouldn't be a bad idea. Hmmm....

Courtney, I am shopped out! Plus, it's not like we're the Rockefellers. If I shopped as much as he watches football we'd be filing for bankruptcy. :) Video games would be on the same level of annoyance as football. Sorry. Must be aggravating as hell.

IGW, I just want the good TV back. You know-all to myself. LOL!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one! But unfortunately for me, I'm not only a football widow but a deer season widow, duck season widow, fishing widow, and hunting/fishing show widow! Wow, from the sounds of it you'd think I NEVER see my hubby! Seriously though he thinks if a game is on, even if he doesn't give a rats patootie about the teams playing, that he is supposed to watch it. I am ALL for watching the Carolina vs. Clemson game on the weekend following Thanksgiving, but after that I am DONE with football. In fact there is a football game on right now and the noise is annoying me to no end. I am totally with you about how it just grates on your nerves. Hunting season just wrapped up and now I am dealing with this. By the time football season wraps up it will be on to fishing and watching baseball. :Sigh: I feel for you honey!

Louisiana Belle said...

Thank you, Tiffany! Seeing some of my Facebook girlfriends' posting so much about football, I thought I must be in the minority. I really want to like it. I've tried, but I can't. :(