Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!!

Out of my 3 fabulous children, Michael is the only one with big brown eyes and olive skin - like his mama. :) He was my most clingy child and I loved it. He was so lovable and the most loving little boy you can imagine. He's still that way, but now that he's a man it's a little awkward getting too kissy-kissy with him. Besides, he doesn't fit on my lap anymore.

Seems like it wasn't so long ago that my baby was...well... just a baby. His main interests were his mommy, his thumb, and his blankie. How do the years disappear so quickly? Sometimes I get all "George Banks" while Michael is talking to me, imaging that he's sucking his thumb with his blankie shoved under his nose. It's my most favorite memory of him.

Happy 26th birthday! *sigh*


Mickey S said...

I LOVE old pictures!! Does it make you feel all squishy inside?

Louisiana Belle said...

Haha, yes on the squishy. He was a fun boy and the pictures really show that, I think.

Thanks for stopping by!