Friday, April 15, 2011


Last Saturday, hubby and I decided to have an early dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants located in the old downtown square of our city. We've gotten to be like senior citizens lately, eating early so we can beat the crowd. It's one of those subtle life changes that brand one elderly, but we don't care, we do what we feel like doing which is part of the beauty of being older and wiser. At least that's how I justify it. I still remember Jerry Seinfeld's line when he was visiting his parents in Florida and they wanted to eat at 4:30 so they could get the early bird special. Jerry said, "I'm not force-feeding myself a steak at four-thirty to save a coupla bucks, I'll tell you that!"

It was a few minutes till 5 when we pulled up to Agave Azul. I quickly spotted an antique store right across the street. Ever since I bought the Kodak Brownie off e-bay last year I have been thinking about collecting antique cameras. Double D said we had plenty of time, that he'd like to go in and browse also. How great is it that my husband likes to shop for antiques? Love him!

As soon as I walked into the store, I asked the sweet little lady behind the counter if they had any old cameras. She cheerfully led me to the only antique camera in the store, the No. 2C Autographic Kodak, Jr. produced in 1913. It even came with the tripod!

I also collect fleur-de-lis objects and angels. What about you? Do you collect anything? I'd be interested in hearing what other people enjoy collecting.

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Pearl said...

I collect little, colored-glass birds and little porcelain animal figures. The framed art in my house also tends to be from the 30s-40s era.

I also have pithy little sayings on wooden plaques (my current favorite is "Hard Work Must Have Killed SOMEone...") and souvenir/kitschy items...

Oh, and I also have some pretty awesome kidney-shaped artsy ashtrays from the 60s which no longer get used. :-)


Kittie Howard said...

What a find, Gail! Your angel was working overtime (as my grandmother used to say when things fell into place outta the blue.)

I collect interesting rocks (which I put in flower pots for accent or on the patio table.)

And, David Roberts prints that focus on the Middle East (mostly Jerusalem).

And, hand-woven baskets (not made in China), but only if I can actually use them. Really enjoy my baskets from Botswana and South Carolina.

And, African jewelry, hand-made from items found in nature.

And, books about South Louisiana. Anything, everything, which I enjoy re-reading during the winter.

And,unique Mardi Gras beads.

Barbara said...

What a great find!! It's beautiful! I don't have time to list everything I collect - but these days I don't necessarily go searching for specific things. If I like something, and it's cheap enough, I get it. Boom! A new collection is borne! That's why I have so many, I guess! These days I try to focus on things I can use in some way. I have way too many knick-knacks. Too much dusting!

Linda Makiej said...

a great find and marvelous shot!!

Autumn said...

Awesome find! Does it still work?

I used to collect sand from different places, but now it's river/beach rocks (the smoother the better!), sand dollars, and bottle caps (for a yet-to-be-determined art project).

charlottes web said...

How cool is that? Can you still get film for it? It would be interesting to see how it shoots.
You have a sweet husband, it sounds like.
That is hysterical that you remembered Jerry Seinfeld's line! Like you, I have turned into my parents. I love to beat the crowd and get a good deal besides. I really don't care what anybody thinks anymore. (well, sometimes:o))

charlottes web said...

Ooops...forgot to say that I collect dishware, pottery and anything with hearts.

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

That would be really fun if that camera still works, you'll have to let us know!

Myself, I used to collect pewter medieval figurines, now it's anything shoe related!

septembermom said...

That's awesome Gail! I hope that camera still works.

I need to start a collection, unless you count all my books!

Evelyn S. said...

How about carousel hors/animal figurines, "glass" eggs, Painted Ponies....and a few teddy bears? I also collect dragon ornaments for their own special Christmas tree. ;-) I LOVE your antique camera and your beautiful photograph of it.

Georgianna said...

THIS is a stunning find, truly heart-stopping! I love the way you've photographed and presented it, too. I don't collect old cameras but several that I bought new are now vintage. yikes! – g

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That is FANTASTIC!!! Jealous. ;) I don't really collect much of anything anymore. My husband does it for me. LOL.

Starla said...

What a wonderful find!! It is perfect for you!!
I collect crosses. I wouldn't consider myself necessarily overly religious, but I like the shape of crosses. I have a nice collection hanging over my couch.

And I collect Santas (how's that for the opposite of croses?!) But!! Not just any Santa will do. They must be garbed in white, silver or a royal, cobolt blue (or a combination thereof). It started with a music box Santa that my MIL bought for me for a birthday. He has a lovely dark cobolt blue velvet outfit, trimmed in white and silver. Matches my blue and white tree. Needless to say, it it much harder to find such Santa's than it is to find crosses!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Ha ha, just had to laugh. We went to a baseball game and had to pay $10 each to get in. As we were entering, I realized Dave would have qualified for a senior discount $5. Oh well. Great camera find. I try to collect, of and on, pottery, pencil figures, etc. but I hate shopping. So it never lasts long. Have a great week.