Friday, May 15, 2009

Slacking and Blipping

Wow, it's been a month to the day since I last updated this blog. What a complete and utter slacker I've been.

Do I have a good excuse for being so neglectful? Is there some physical affliction keeping me from writing? Are cosmic forces at work stifling what little writing abilities I possess? No. No. And 'maybe'.

Between Twitter, Facebook, photography excursions, and all the new gadgets, my time seems like a fart in a hurricane. I wonder: Can A.D.D. be acquired at 48 years old? I might be a new case study. :)

Another pretty major player has entered the scene: DJ-ing online. That's right--thanks to Jay, I am now addicted to It's like Twitter for music, but instead of tweets, you blip songs. Create a profile, search for any song online, and click blip, which automatically adds it to your blip list. Stream the public timeline or play your Favorite DJs. Personally, I like the public timeline best because you get a wider variety of music. If you see a song you like, you can give that DJ props and/or reblip their blip. If you really like their blips, you can add them as a favorite DJ. I've found some great music and rediscovered songs that I had forgotten all about. It'll also update Twitter automatically unless you choose not to.

Check me out at!


Mickey S said...

YEA! I knew that when I checked your blog tonight that you were going to have a new post - I JUST KNEW IT!!!! As for any new things to make me sit in front of the computer for MORE hours a day than I already do - I'm going to have to resist. In fact, I'm thinking of pulling out of Facebook, just because if I start looking at it, I'm there for (again) HOURS! I have no self control - that's a given. Gotta just not look - or in this case listen. But have fun!

Mickey S said...

OK - so I said I wasn't going to look (er, ah, listen) and I did. I LOVE the 1st song you have listed - I didn't realize that it would play the whole thing. It was great.

But I'm going to stop now and go to bed, (or at least go to TV that will LEAD to bed) least I be cranky tomorrow!!
Great music!

Louisiana Belle said...

Eerie, you must've read my mind. I just could not in good conscience go more than a month without posting something!

You have good taste in music. :) Glad you liked Clouds by the Lovehammers. The lead singer, Marty Casey, was runner-up on the RockStar: INXS TV show. Lovehammers has been his band for many years and they still play around Chicago.