Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Currently, Tropical Storm Gustav has my mother in tears. Double D and I planned to drive to Baton Rouge on Sunday to see her. We were only going to be there a short time. Monday we were going to shop for a new comforter for her bed and Tuesday was her dentist appointment. Wednesday we planned to head back to Dallas.

Looks like Gustav has other plans in store for us and my mother is sick over it. At first, I thought she was afraid of the storm, especially since Katrina, but through her sobbing she said she was upset because it might cause us to cancel our trip. I assured her as best I could that we would get there at some point soon. Thankfully, she calmed down after that.

Really, at this point, all we can do is wait and see what it will do. While hurricanes are somewhat predictable once a path is established, they can weaken depending on certain meteorological conditions that I fail to comprehend. We're still four days away, so maybe we'll get lucky.

eta: Changed Gustav's status to "tropical storm" instead of hurricane.

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Mickey S said...

Be safe!!!