Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thanks to my daughter, Autumn and my friend, Tina for this. I checked it out on Snopes just to make sure it wasn't photoshopped, and it's absolutely true! This long-coated chihuahua was born in the Japanese city of Odate with a perfectly shaped heart on his side. The breeder/owner has won the lottery and concert tickets since the pup was born in May, 2007. His name is Heart-kun. "Kun" is a suffix attached to a boy's given or family name (usually a younger boy or a close friend); e.g., some friends call me Eddie-kun or Eddie-chan (-chan is unisex. Usually for young children or a close friend).

Today seemed the perfect day to blog about this. Can you imagine receiving this little darling on Valentine's Day? It would be better than!

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