Thursday, December 6, 2007

La Mia Italia Cara

I don't get out much, so it is an understatement to say that my trip to Italy was the most exciting place I have ever traveled to. It-a was-a magnifico! So much for my Italian.

Double D has no idea how much I adore him for all he did to make this trip happen. I must also mention that three of our children got married the same year: Courtney in February, Mark in April, and Michael in June. We had planned the May, 2006 trip only aware of one wedding. *Sigh*

We toured Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona and Venice. As much as I tried to prepare for all the walking, early mornings, late nights, heavy foods, and endless vino, it became evident early on, that we were ill-prepared. But did I let a little gas and exhaustion get in the way? Ha! No, I loved every minute.

Each city was amazing. My face had a continuous look of astonishment, oohing and aahing over each olive tree, ancient building, painting, and carving. The Vatican, especially, was more beautiful and elaborate than one can possibly imagine.

As incredible as all the cities were, Florence was the highlight of the trip. Seeing David, in all his glory, was nearly more than my 40+ year old heart could take. I had looked forward to seeing that unbelievable work of art for years. When I imagined seeing it, I felt I might stand there and weep like an imbecile. Fortunately, for Dennis and everyone in our group, I did not. I watched the art students sitting on the floor, sketching him so intently, thinking how lucky they were - lucky to have talent and lucky to be able to memorize every inch of his magnificence. Before we knew it, our tour guide was whisking us along, Pronto! Andiamo!

Regretfully, we did not go to the Uffizi Gallery. It peeves me to no end when someone makes callous remarks about missing it. "What! You didn't go to the Uffizi? You wasted your trip!" Um, no. First of all, how in the world can a trip to Italy be wasted?? Even if I went to the remotest part of Italy and was only able to eat olives off the trees, wander around aimlessly, and sleep in a vineyard, it would not be a waste. Secondly, there is only so much one can do financially and physically. In fact, it gives us a perfectly good excuse to go back. We're already planning for 2008. So there!

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