Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 135: Boiled Crawfish!

135/365: Boiled Crawfish!
Sorry my posts have been centered so much around food. And I don't know how this poor boiled crawfish is going to go over with everyone. I tried to focus on his delectable claws and not his eyes, but you can still see the sad eyes.

Hubby took me back to Nate's today for my official birthday dinner and I decided to go for the boiled crawfish. I normally don't eat boiled crawfish out in public because it is SO messy and smelly. But tomorrow I start Jenny Craig and I wanted to parTAY for my last meal.

I've washed my hands a dozen times and even squeezed lemon on them, but I still smell like the bottom of the Mississippi River. I think it was worth it. :/


Christina said...

LOVE crawfish! Great shot!
Sounds like a good weekend celebrating your birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

M. Hassan said...

Would love to get my hands on those claws and take a huge bite. Looks really yummy!

Love the focus on the claws avoiding the sad eyes ;)

Louisiana Belle said...

Thank you, both! They were yummy. The smell -- not so much. :)